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We are a full service veterinary hospital.

Exams - The first step to a healthy, happy pet is a thorough examination by a qualified veterinarian. Dr. Clyma and Dr. Burton will examine your furry friends carefully and start you on the road to a long healthy life. Regular exams can also catch health problems early on, saving you a great deal of money and your pet much discomfort.

Dental Treatment - It's just as important for your pet to get proper dental care. Teeth and gum disease can shorten your pet's life. We have full dental exam and treatment facilities and provide excellent dental care for your pet.

Surgery - We hope your pet will never need surgery, but we are prepared to provide you with the proper services. We have a state of the art surgical suite complete with heart monitor, respirator monitor, the highest quality gas anesthesiology equipment, and very skilled and caring surgeons and assistants.

Grooming - Dogs and cats like to look good too. A clean animal is also a happy healthy animal. Regular grooming improves skin health, coat quality, makes your pets more pleasant to be around and makes them more popular with guests. Proper grooming can help prevent dangers such as picking up fox tails (which could require surgical removal), ticks (which carry Lyme's disease), and fleas (which are the number one cause of skin disorders). We have wonderful groomers who will keep your pet huggable, healthy and beautiful.

Boarding - There's no better place for a pet than in a loving family home, but when you need to go out of town it is important to find a safe place for them to stay. We have a totally indoor boarding facility with climate control so your pet won't be left out in the cold or the heat. Our staff of trained health providers will spend one on one time with your pet at least twice a day to take them for walks and play with them. You can feel confident that your pet is in a safe environment and interacting with caring people while you're away.

Training - An untrained pet can develop behavioral problems and even biting habits, and make your home an uncomfortable place to live. A well trained pet is a happy pet. All dogs and many cats need training. We offer both group and private lessons starting with puppyhood. We also offer training and consultation to correct behavioral problems in dogs and cats.

Vaccinations - Regular vaccinations are necessary to keep your pet free from disease. They are also required for licensing your dog. We can develop a vaccination schedule just for your pet which will help keep them healthy and extend their lives. In our busy lives, it's easy to forget even important appointments. We'll send you a reminder when your pet is due for a vaccination.

Accessories - A dog without a leash, a cat without a collar, not in our town. We offer a large selection of quality collars, leashes, and toys for your pets training and enjoyment. We offer expert advice on which training tools and toys are right for your dogs and cats.

Diagnosis Equipment - When your pet gets sick or hurt, you need help right away. We have on sight, ultrasound equipment, a complete X-ray suite, in-house laboratory, and experienced veterinarians and assistants to determine exactly what care your pet needs.

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