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Patient of the Month: Barney

Meet Barney!

Patient of the Month

Barney is a 1 year old spayed male. As you can see above, Barney is incredibly handsome. He is also TC, CDX, and CGC certified. Basically, all those letters mean is that Barney is a well trained, well socialized dog and wonderful to be around.

At Benicia Veterinary Hospital, Barney is also champion of the foxtail. Barney seems to have a talent for getting them stuck up her nose. He is very stoic when he comes into the hospital to have them removed and doesn't even bite when he is stuck with a needle. There is a growing suspicion that he does all this because she gets treats every time he comes into the hospital.

To learn more about Barney's certifications and how to get your pet certified, check out

Barney, our patient of the month