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Who Are We?

Through these doors walk our dearest friends. We believe that they deserve our best effort and our deepest devotion. Here, we can provide for their health and their well being, giving our friends the long and happy lives they deserve.

Our Vet Says... Regular bathing keeps both you and your pet happy

Nobody has to tell you how much nicer your pet is to be around when he/she is clean and fresh smelling. But it might surprise you how much healthier your pet is when it’s clean.

Most common skin problems can be cured or controlled with frequent bathing with a medicated shampoo. In the month of March we are offering special discounts on bathing. In addition to our bathing discounts we are also offering discounts on dietary supplements that can make your pet’s skin stronger, less itchy and more supple. Thereby improving coat quality.

As always you can also take advantage of our weekly and biweekly bathing program. Call our bathing and boarding line for reservations and details on how you can sign-up and how this program might benefit you and your pet.

Tabby cat resting